Treasures Out of Darkness Ministries, Inc, is a non-profit corporation, 501 (c) (3) organization has been in existence since 2001. We are now expanding and restructuring in order to focus our efforts and effectiveness. We are committed to being a positive force of change and improvement for this community. Treasures Out of Darkness is an outreach service (not based in a church) that is founded on and operates on professional ethics, standards of practices, and faith-based values. It is designed to assist late adolescent and adults who have been adversely affected through sexual abuse/exploitation by some one in their religious community.

Mission Statement:
To assist late adolescent and adults (especially women) who has been adversely affected through sexual misconduct/abuse/exploitation by some one in a ministerial relationship with them in their religious community.

The ministerial relationship refers to those persons who act as representatives of churches, synagogues, mosque or their affiliates, in any capacity, lay or professional; for example, pastor, rabbi, priest, cleric, deacon, youth minister, church group leader, camp counsels, pastoral counselor, parochial minister, bishop, choir director and teachers but not limited to these categories. Our mission is to help victims/survivors discover and recover their hidden treasures out of the darkness of their experience(s).

To provide a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment, free from proselytizing, for personal recovery in order to promote health, wholeness, and empowerment that will enhance self-esteem, sense of personal value and sense of purpose.

Founder and President:
Leah Rentz-Hemphill, LCSW the founder and President of Treasures Out of Darkness.

Ms. Rentz-Hemphill is licensed by the state of Georgia as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/therapist (CSW002384). She has worked in community mental health in California and Georgia for over 20 years. She is a survivor of sexual abuse by members of her faith community and other forms of childhood abuse (physical, emotional, mental) in her home and community. Ms. Rentz-Hemphill has spent many years of therapy and forgiveness to get to the place where she can help others on their journey to wholeness. She knows that this is part of her destiny.



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