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A Healing Journey Seminars
A Healing Journey: Emotional and Spiritual Wholeness through Personal Journaling
by Pamela A. Bridgeman ISBN:1-4208-0226-5 (sc)

What is journaling?

Journaling is an interactive process undertaken with sacred and divine presence that allows you to track through writing your progress toward inner wholeness. Along the way, you will also gain insight and perspective about yourself, your character and your personality.

Journaling is a means to encourage you and facilitate the healing process. It is only one of a myriad of weapons in an arsenal of emotional and spiritual implements; but it is a very effective first step on the road to inner healing.

The process of journaling helps you to:

  • Identify areas in your inner being that need strengthening and take steps to increase the vitality of your mind and spirit.
  • Identify and learn to trust those individuals in your life whom you can rely on to be a sacred presence.
  • Identify the depth of your belief in Divine Presence and learn to rely on that faith.
  • Receive the gift of joy.

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