Offering brief/crisis therapeutic counseling, focused peer support groups and a variety of transitional assistance and referrals to other community and faith-based agencies and services:

  1. Mental health services, referral and coordination
    • Adult victims/survivors of ministerial sexual abuse
    • Shattering church secrets
    • Recovery from the "Forbidden zone"
    • Childhood sexual trauma by clergy
    • Does forgiveness mean forgetting?
    • Rejection and abandonment (divorce, loss of church relations)
    • Clinical depression, anxieties, Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  2. Continuing education and training
  3. Legal assistance referral
  4. Parenting training
  5. Medical health referral and coordination
  6. Pre-vocational training and Job placement referral
  7. Inter-personal relationships
  8. Other services and referral as necessary


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